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anti static gloves

Antistatic gloves are designed specially for ESD application, they are made from different materials: nylon, latex, nitrile and vinyl are only four most commonly used materials. Other common material includes cooper and carbon, but their price is much higher than material that mentioned previously, that is reason most workers choose washable or single-use antistatic glove for cheaper price and easier maintenance.

ESD is the abbreviation of “electrostatic dissipative”, these gloves work in static charged environment and cleaning room, they are widely used in electronic assembly field due to its free dust, where workers worried about influence of static charge, sensitive electronic parts maybe destroyed by static discharge.

Antistatic gloves are comfortable and they offer effective, durable and  reliable static dissipation, but most of them are designed for single used, others are washable, their effectiveness is depend on gloves manufacturer, can stay intact for up to 10 washings or even more.  

The purpose of  these gloves is to prevent static field that generated by oil on clothes and hands from reach circuit boards or other electronic components, because static field can destroyed components even if not touch with them. Mainly three devices are used in electronic manufacturing,  wrist straps, mats and antistatic gloves. Among of them, gloves are more convenient as they enhance tactility and very durable.

Antistatic gloves are economic, durable and superior quality, they are designed specially for maneuvering sensitive films,  circuit board, electronic component and precise instrument. ESD gloves are widely used in electronics, optics, aeronautics & astronautics, petrochemical industry and telecommunication. Except for its durability, ESD gloves does not affect flexibility and tactility of workers in any way, their material reduce static energy. These gloves are completely free of dust, and can be used with antistatic wristbands or separately, as both of them are equality efficient while handling with circuit board. ESD gloves are suit for IT professional who manufacture computer components or upgrade computer hardware, such as change the video card &sound card, or add more memory.

Other types of antistatic gloves are often applied to pharmaceutical fields, medical equipment manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, hospitals, etc.