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This is a column for releasing information of cheap gloves in stock for sale. We are glove manufacturer that specialize in producing different kinds of coated gloves, such as coated gloves, cut-resistant gloves, latex coated gloves, anti-impact gloves, PVC coated gloves and gardening gloves, 90% of work gloves are processed according to customers` personalized requirements. Sometimes, the entire batch of gloves become stock because of some sudden factors , such as bankruptcy of customer` s company, currency plunge, mistakes and other reasons. These problems do not often occur, but they are not strange. If you are interested in our cheap gloves in stock, please read the following content carefully:
1.Details of product:
We will often publish and update information on each batch of gloves in stock, including style, quantity, size, printing, packaging, etc. Samples also can be offer to customers for reference if they are needed.
Stock gloves not equal to defective gloves, cheap gloves in stock we released in this column basically are the whole batch of orders, or leftovers that failed to be fully loaded into containers. The quality of gloves is no problem, which is different from the defective product.
3.Cheap price:
Most gloves in stock are abandonment that caused by reasons of customers, so the price will be much cheaper than normal orders after deducting deposit of former customer, they are cheap gloves for sale.
They are cheap gloves for sale, in order to sell them as soon as possible, we may contact with multiple customers at the same time, so they may have been sold out when you are hesitating. We reserve right to continue selling until payment is received. Thanks for understanding that.
Most of gloves were printed with customers` LOGOS and regarding information on the back of gloves, we will not deal with LOGO of cheap stock gloves when resell them, but will tell you if the printed packages are infringement and whether they violates local laws, then you can make your own decision.
Gloves in stock are accidental, it is difficult to guarantee the same  gloves can be bought for the second time except for make customization, most of stock gloves are different every time, including style, quantity, quality, printing, packaging and so on, please note that.