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Cotton Black Foam Latex Impact Resistant Gloves | Anti-Vibration Impact Resistant Gloves

Impact-resistant work gloves protect hands where high-impact energies are experienced. Impact gloves are useful if you work with high-impact tools.
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Impact resistant gloves
Name: Cotton Black Foam Latex Impact Resistant Gloves | Anti-Vibration Impact Resistant Gloves
Item No: LCV568
Liner: Nylon/cotton
Coating: Latex
Cuff: Knit Wrist
Finish Style: Foam
Dipped Style: Palm coated
Size: M(8#), L(9#), XL(10#), XXL(11#)
Color: Green, Black or customerized
Logo: Silk screen printing, Heat transfer, Washing label., Woven label
Package: 12 pairs/OPP bag, 120 pairs/carton or customized
MOQ: 500 Dozen
Cotton Foam Latex Impact resistant Gloves / Anti-Vibration Gloves, adopt imported natural latex, environmental friendly and pollution-free, stylish and comfortable to wear. Excellent shock resistance on the palm, effectively avoids and cushions the impact shock to hands that brought by tools shaking, suitable for high-strength operations. Elastic cuffs will tightly comfort your arm and will not fall off easily. Colorful seaming sleeve is beautiful and fashion. Nylon/cotton liner has good breathability, non-slip, abrasion resistance and softness. Users can carry out operation without changing gloves.
The palm liner is weaved with cut-proof yarns to prevent cuts and tears. The weightless seamless knitted lining feels more comfortable. The palm of the hand is coated with black foamed latex that treated by special process, which to minimize the harm caused by the hand vibration syndrome in the working environment and make hands comfortable. The palm and five fingers are covered with latex pads to absorb shock and provide protection to strong shock. Excellent impact resistant gloves has passed the EN388 test standard. The unique block latex pad does not affect the gripping behavior and can provide comprehensive shock proof performance, excellent wear resistance and tear resistance under the grip conditions. Cotton liner keeps hand breathable and comfortable
Mining industry, automobile manufacturing, road construction, forestry, fine grinding, motorcycle racing driving, rock climbing, rescuing, logging and felling, riveting, sanding, polishing