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Do you ever feel that high quality safety glove is needed while working in the arduous condition?, the best solution of your problem is polyurethane coated gloves, ideal for hash, dangerous and monotonous jobs. If you are looking for one type of glove with mezzo grip, ease of use and suitable comfort? Polyurethane coated gloves are available in a wide range of design, size and models, fit for any using. 

Polyurethane is called PU for short, is a member of  the polymer family of organic chemical compound. It is one derivation of carbamate and composed of isocyanate and polybasic alcohol. The resulting compound of polyurethane is widely used as thermosetting polymer,  which mean it does not melt when heated. This performance makes polyurethane become one material with high additional valued for coating, sealing job, insulation material, gaskets, elastic wheel, suspension components, hose and skis.

The ingenious design of safety glove lies in polyurethane coating in palm as well as finger, special rubber coating also is available on other parts of gloves. Or offer high-quality textile cover for fingers in line with design. The nylon liner increases comfort and security in the damp condition and acid liquid environment. The thin PU coated ensures dexterity of finger. Adequate movement  and good grip of finger allow workers to grasp the smallest and most delicate tools easily. Additional, it is ease and safety when work in the crowded space thanks to thin coated. Prominent coordination between flexibility and form offers predominant athletic ability and reduce figurate risk regarding to tools handing. Full and reliable grip is guaranteed even if in the oily and  damp environment, for example, when working on heavy machinery and other mechanical equipment.

PU coated glove is binding of knitted and seamless polyester by machine. Superior abrasive resistance and grip are provided by special polyurethane on the palm. Black and dark color gloves are often available, because they could work perfectly in dirty and unsanitary conditions. Also, PU coated glove is easily to be washed and maintained to prolong its using life. Your glove will be intact only simply washed with water and soap.

Polyurethane coated glove is great for every workshop, weather you are a professional or amateur, it is the most useful tool for ensuring the ultimate security at the workplace. It is necessary for avoiding accident and contacting hazardous chemical. Different designs, sizes and grip are available, PU coated glove is perfect partner for all dirty jobs.