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Pet Grooming Gloves

Businessmen will not tell you that your pets will get skin problems if you don't have a suitable comb,. Many families are very clean, but dogs and cats are still  get skin diseases, hosts are always wondered for that. In fact, most of them use combs unreasonably, destroying dog' s epidermis tissue and hair follicles, resulting loss of hair and necrosis of skin tissue, then evolve into skin diseases.
Dogs take a bath and enjoy the massage. they will throw-off water if not uncomfortable while washing,. How can they make them comfortable and enjoyable? That's the pet grooming gloves. Dogs, cats and horses can be used, masters can wear it in both of left hand and right hand, even small girls can work effortlessly. Pet grooming gloves are made of environmentally-friendly nitrile rubber with elasticity and not easily deformed. It is a practical and attractive glove.
Nowadays, the most popular pet massage gloves allow your pets to enjoy the feeling of being indulged in minutes, it is composed of high-grade elastic ribbon, green nitrile rubber and male-female adhesive buckles. After professional design, pet grooming gloves with exquisite shape and high temperature resistance. It does not hurt pets` hair and lint-free, it can effectively remove dirt. Massage by gloves can be performed to promote blood circulation and make pets feel relaxed and happy when washing..
Nitrile material is one comfortable and breathable material, selected PVC and breathable knit protecting your hands while cleaning hairs for your love pets. Put it on to bathe love pets, just like touch them and  let pets enjoy a comfortable bath! Humanized palm design of grooming gloves  can be adjusted the size according to the wrist, it will not fall off when cleaning. The special soft tooth brush on gloves can clean up the fine hairs on pets, at the same time, it can continuously to press acupuncture point of pets` whole body to promote blood circulation. Don` t forge to clean  and dry it after use. To avoid putting gloves in place with direct sunlight under high temperature, so as to avoid deformation of rubber material and affecting the washing effect.
This pet grooming glove is newly developed and suitable for animals such as cats, dogs and horses. We can adjust gloves for different types of animals.