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Anti-Vibration Gloves

One of the occupational hazards of working with vibrating power tool and other machinery is the possibility of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)  and carpal tunnel syndrome. This risk is caused by exposing hands to device vibration for long time. The interruption of the blood circulation of hands and fingers can destroy verves and blood vessels, leading to numbness, tingling, pain, whiteness, as well as the reduction of mobility in hands and fingers. Wearing anti-vibration gloves is one method to reduce vibrations of power device, it can protect hands from long-term negative effects.

Safety regulation request to test anti-vibration glove and to meet formulary standard, so that show they could prevent hands from unsafe vibration effectively. That means the risk of damage and HAVS is higher when you use common gloves to work with device that produce high level of vibration. So it is important to check if anti-vibration gloves you selected is authorized by reliable management agency, such as International Standardization Organization (ISO),  national standards of the United States and OSHA guideline.
Because of the character of work that use of vibration transmitting equipment, anti-vibration glove has features that enhance its performance. Exposure to vibration is high in manufacturing, construction, mining, lumber and infrastructure maintenance and other lots of fields, anti-vibration gloves should be made from leather and other tough material, so that can withstand the pressure from rigorous jobs.

Depending on brand, manufacturers can improve performance maximum by associating with different function. Therefore, some gloves can provide more function to meet higher requirement of work. For example, the combination of material can be used on areas of gloves that are exposed to most stress to enable them to bear wear and tear. Manufacturer can enhance additional buffer by incorporating tested material to reduce vibration, such as foam and gel pad.

The fact of anti-vibration  glove incorporates hard material does not mean that they are uncomfortable. Comfort is one important aspect even if glove protect hands from vibration, injury and cut. In the cold weather, the filler used to absorb vibration also contributes to improve comfort and keep warmth. However, this filler should be not too thick to reduce the flexibility of hands. Another material with good breathability and elasticity should be incorporated to make hands comfortable and improve permeability while working. Cotton, one water-absorbing material, commonly is incorporated into fabric to keep hands free of sweat. Many brands have elastic wrist strap with Velcro to fixed gloves and prevent debris entry.