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 As the name suggests,  latex coated gloves means gloves liner with latex coating. Many people confuse rubber with latex, although they are two different material. Compare with rubber, latex is processed by different technology. Another difference is lie in derivation, latex is divided from synthetic and natural resource. Latex is adapt to coating gloves, because it possesses of prominent grip, high elasticity and tear resistance. It also can withstand extremely high temperature. Most latex coated gloves are classified in accordance with material of knitted liner, such as nylon, polyester-cotton and so on.  Some of the most common latex coated gloves are follows:
1.Nylon latex coated gloves
Just as its name implies, these gloves are made of nylon liner, then dipped with latex in the palm. They are the most frequently used latex coating gloves in t he market. This type of glove has impressively features, namely lightweight, comfortable and breathable for the all day. They also have excellent grip in the dry or wet environment.  Nylon latex coated gloves are applied in many fields, including automotive, architecture, agriculture and warehousing industry. Gloves are also used in landscaping and maintenance jobs. 
2. Polyester latex coated gloves
As the term suggests, this type of glove is composed of polyester liner and latex coating. The main function of latex coating is to offer excellent grip in the wet and dry condition.  Different from nylon latex coated gloves, this glove perform better in the puncture resistance. It can be used in construction, material transportation, small parts transportation, masonry work, landscaping and maintenance. Gloves also are used in agriculture and automotive industry. 
3. Polyester-cotton latex coated gloves
As the name suggests, the liner of this latex coated gloves is made of polyester and cotton. It is one common latex coated gloves due to its reasonable price, comfort and excellent protection. Combining polyester with cotton  and dipped with latex on the palm, then result in very comfortable gloves without any compromise functionality. Gloves are durable and anti-puncture. This glove is often used in metal stamping, maintenance, material handling and masonry work application, also contains construction, automotive and forestry. 
4.Nylon-cotton latex coated gloves
This latex coating glove consist s of nylon and cotton. It is the best anti-vibration gloves, because the combination of nylon and cotton produce a very thick and strong glove liner, which can absorb and restrain violent vibration. Nylon-cotton latex coated gloves are flexible at high degree, means it does not affect movement of hands. Latex layer on the palm makes gloves against puncture and provide tight grip in the wet and dry working environment. This type of glove is popular in the mining and oil & gas industry, because these industries are relate to strong vibration.  
In a word, it is important to note that there are many other types of latex coating gloves in the market, these 4 types that mentioned above are the most common and popular.