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Two Methods for solving discoloration of protective gloves

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Nowadays, many users often face situation that protective gloves fading after purchasing, they want to know how to solve the problem of fading. So work gloves factory of Goodla will introduce methods for solving discoloration of protective gloves, I hope to be able to Help everyone.
Brine immersion method. In order to prevent fading, the newly purchased gloves should be soaked in concentrated brine for half an hour before being first launched, and then wash according to the conventional method. If there is still slight discoloration, you can soak it in light salt water for 10 minutes before each water cleaning, protective gloves will not fade if you keep going for the long run.
Anti-drying method. This method is most commonly used, especially for some gloves with dark colors, which is to turn gloves in the air. Gloves manufacturer reminds you that most of fabric gloves can not be directly exposed to the sun, so they are not only needed to be dried in the opposite direction, but also should be dried in a place away from light and ventilation.