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Freezer resistant PVC Protective Glove, Safety cuff foam li

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PVC coated gloves is the most affordable anti-chemical glove. It can prevent hands from detrimental effect of chemical solvent, acid liquid, petrochemical products and other harmful substance. This feature is very important for users who wear gloves for long time.

Like other types of gloves, PVC coated glove come in a variety of sizes, medium and large size are the most popular. Because more and more women are participating in industrial working, some companies are producing gloves with special sizes which is more suit for women.

Many PVC coated gloves are made in gauntlet style that an extended cuff  covers wrist and part of forearm. This is one commendable function if you need extra protection, because chemicals are often splashing in this area finally, but not just hands.

These  types of gloves are very versatile in their usage. PVC coated gloves are applied to lots of industrial purpose, widely used in architecture, oil refineries, exploration and oil drilling. They are  also used extensively in mining and chemical production. However, they are suitable for home using. PVC coated glove is perfect solution when you repair and improve by yourself. It is great for any house work when you need glove to protect your hands. Commercial fisherman and sports fisherman use it as well. Cleaners and maintainers are also benefit from these types of PVC coated gloves.

Some PVC coated gloves are lined with foam if work in the cold environment. The foam insulate hands successfully and allow workers to work efficiently since they do not lose feel. Foam lined gloves also offer more comfort when working on a hobby or home project.   

One of the most important consideration when purchasing PVC coated glove is how dexterous it allow users to be. Gloves will become essentially useless if users can not remove hands at random. It is important that users are able to remove hands as quickly as normally. User should be able to move each finger, including thumb, as freely as he does not wear glove. He also should be able to wrap his whole hand around an object easily. This is an important safety problem, especially in industrial jobs, good dexterity is essential to avoiding hazards.

Another important consideration is grip when buy PVC coated gloves. Many PVC coated gloves with smooth surface, but others are designed with a rougher finish to increase grip level. In fact, some PVC coated gloves come with an outer finish like sandpaper, which result in super tight grip.