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PVC Winter Gloves

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As the weather became colder, some cold-resistant gloves developed by our company began to sell well, and customers rushed to purchase. These cold-resistant gloves mainly include PVC fluorescent gloves lined with sponge composite cloth, PVC sand-immersed gloves with Cashmere inner sleeves, and PVC particle gloves with Cashmere inner sleeves. These cold-proof gloves are all PVC dipped and inner linings are insulated and low temperature resistance materials, which can protect hands in cold weather. These gloves are specifically divided into different purposes according to different material functions, mainly to prevent cold, water, slip and oil.
fluorescent cold-proof gloves
Liners of fluorescent cold-proof gloves are mainly sponge composite cloth, which are soft and comfortable to wear. There are different types of  cuffs, including knitted wrist, safety cuffs and flat cuff, the rubber surface can be divided into flat finish and sandy finish. The main colors of cashmere cold-proof gloves are blue, red, green, black and so on, coated gloves protect hands from cold because of cashmere inner. Cold-proof glove with lamb cashmere inner sleeve are the same as gloves with cashmere inner sleeve, they are inner sleeves to be added after dipping gloves are finished, inner sleeve materials are different but with the same effect.
cold-resistant gloves
Most of these cold-proof gloves in Gaomi Huanyu are exported to Russia, Europe and United States. Some are used for oilfield operations and aquatic products operations in severe cold weather, and some are used for cold storage operations. Welcome friends at home and abroad to come to the company to negotiate purchase!
PVC winter gloves