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The Role of Anti-static PU Coated Protective Gloves

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Currently, gloves are the most common necessities in production and life, there are many types of PU coated gloves, such as safety gloves, rubber coated gloves, household gloves, outdoor sports gloves and dust-free gloves. At present, many coated gloves have anti-static function, which can greatly protect hands of wearers. However, many people do not understand the role of anti-static gloves.
PU coated gloves
In fact, the main material of anti-static gloves is natural latex, this kind of glove can protect hands, prevent hands from sweat and bacteria, it also can be applied to human body, especially in industrial production, it can avoid direct contact between human body and some sensitive electrical components, and can release the static electricity generated by human body in time, which has good protection on the product.
At present, the using range of anti-static gloves is very wide, it can be used in the production and assembly of precision electronic circuits, the production of dust-free workshops and so on, it is trusted by users because of its huge advantages. General anti-static gloves have good anti-static and elastic properties, which can effectively avoid the harm caused by static electricity generated by human body. This type of glove does not contain silicone oil and amide, which can effectively prevent environmental pollution in the using process. 
PU finger coated gloves
Actually, the role of anti-static glove is very obvious, the advantages of anti-static gloves can be seen from the literally, anti-static gloves are playing an increasingly important role in many productions, and are being accepted by more and more consumers. Nowadays, this kind of glove is also used in many occasions of life, it can effectively release static electricity and protect human body to the utmost extent.
First of all, anti-static gloves can be used in the electronic instrument industry, help people to work in special environments and do anti-static work. People who work in such environments often come into contact with some equipment with static electricity, they can completely release their hands with anti-static glove.
Second, it is used by some people who working in the petrochemical industry. Due to the special nature of work, these people work in environments with high-temperature and high-explosive, the serious consequences will be unpredictable if electrostatic effect is caused by human friction, such as explosions,. Therefore, workers must ensure that ESD gloves are properly equipped to ensure the safety of hands and body while they are doing production..