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Differences between dip-plastic glove and ordinary glove

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There are many types of labor insurance products, such as helmets, safety belts, masks, gloves and so on, among of them, dip-plastic glove in the protective gloves is more special. Sometimes, relevant technicians in the laboratory come into contact with chemical reagents, they need to wear chemical-resistant glove, mechanical processing and petrochemical industry also need to wear oil-resistant and anti-corrosion dip-plastic gloves. Dipped-plastic glove is so important that it is also distinct from other gloves. .
chemical-resistant glove
Firstly, production materials are different. Ordinary gloves generally adopt ordinary materials, such as textile fabric material and artificial leather, while dip-plastic glove must be used better quality paste resin and environmentally friendly oil, then thermoplastic made by refined processing.
Nitrile coated gloves nylon
Secondly, using places are different. most of places where dip-plastic glove is used are in oil-plating workshop, laboratory, large-scale machinery manufacturing plant, etc., but ordinary gloves are basically daily protection or for decoration.
latex coated work gloves
Thirdly, design concepts are different. Dip-plastic glove is mainly used to protect operators' hands to avoid harmful substances, so the primary factor considered in the design is safety, while the common gloves are more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, stylish, lightweight and more.
Therefore, we can' t use ordinary gloves as protective gloves, we should consider the actual condition of operation and working environment, and choose the appropriate protective gloves to ensure safety and health of employees. It is necessary to pay attention to qualifications and capabilities of manufacturer of protective gloves when select dip-plastic glove, also need to focus on whether the quality of safety gloves can meet corresponding standards. Huanyu can produce different types of dip-plastic gloves, including yellow dip-plastic glove, blue oil-resistant glove, granule anti-slip gloves and so on, which are commonly used in the market. In addition, according to market demand, brown fishing glove has been developed, fishing glove is flexible, convenient, waterproof and non-slip.