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Material of Protective Gloves for Mechanical Damage

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(1) Wire of protection coated glove, the common metal wire is stainless steel wire and chrome wire, they are so comfortable that suit for making cut-resistant gloves. These materials have strongest cut resistance and are easy to clean, but they are heavy and inconvenient to use.
(2) Kevlar, Spectra and other synthetic yarn, they are also good composition fiber cut-resistant material, although the cutting resistance is not as good as wire, the quality is light, comfortable to use, and some products can reach the most advanced level of cut resistant specification through improvement and disposal.
kevlar cut resistant gloves
(3) Nitrile (with fabric lining), it has anti-wear and anti-piercing function, which is sensitive and comfortable.(4) Natural latex  (with fabric lining), it has excellent elasticity, special flexibility, certain anti-wear, tear-resistant and anti-cutting function.cotton Nitrile coated gloves
(5) PVC gloves (with fabric lining), it can supply inevitable wear and puncture maintenance, it also has necessary resistance to cut if material is thicker,  but not resist tearing. 
(6) leather, one natural material, leathers have common functions. after various types of tanning treatment. Leather can be divided into cowhide, pigskin and sheepskin. The strength of cowhide is comfortable, durable, breathable and wear-resistant, it is more durable and can resist the high temperature after treated by chrome tanning. Pigskin with large pores and best breathability, it can adhere to good tenderness without hardening even if washed through water. Sheepskin is the most comfortable leather. Leather glove is the most durable and anti-wearing work glove, but it only can be used in industries with high requirements for touching because of high price.