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About anti-chemical gloves

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First of all, there is no one type of protective glove can prevent all chemicals, different glove materials react with different chemicals. Therefore, it is important to choose one glove material can match chemicals in your work environment. Natural latex dipped gloves have good protective effect on dilute aqueous solutions, but it is easily penetrated by oils, greases and many organic solvents. Nitrile coated gloves can be used to protect oil and grease, but they can not protect aromatic substances or halogen-containing solvents. PVC dipped gloves can prevent oil, acid and alkali, but can not prevent organic solvents.
Second, nearly all glove materials can be penetrated by chemicals. Materials of gloves only can resist the erosion of chemicals temporarily, and will be penetrated as time going by. Even the best chemical-resistant gloves are always penetrated with prolonged contact with chemicals.
Finally, the protective functions of gloves are not the same because of different manufacturer. Even use the same glove material, the protective functions are quite different because of different manufacturers and different types. The protective degree can only depend on specific protective gloves, including their chemical composition, thickness, design and construction methods. It is important to compare products from different manufacturers.
Therefore, you should know material, function, quality of gloves while using anti-chemical gloves, also need to standardize the operation to avoid safety accidents.