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PVC sandy finish coated glove

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Huanyu is a manufacturer of work gloves, we are mainly produces different types of coated safety gloves, including nitrile coated gloves, latex coated gloves, PVC dipped gloves and PU coated glove, PVC sandy finish coated glove is one common style.
The sandy finish of PVC dipped glove can be divided into sand-blasting and flat-sand. The material of inner lining is cotton cloth, flannel cloth, seamless lining, cashmere inner sleeve and lambskin inner sleeve. The length generally is 27 cm, 30 cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, as well as the newly developed of 60cm and 65cm. Colors are generally blue, green, black and iron red.
sandy finish of PVC dipped glove
This sandy finish PVC glove not only can play the role of ordinary PVC dipped gloves for resisting oil, acid and alkali, but also can play a non-slip effect. It is commonly used in oilfield operations, mechanical machine tool processing and fish catching operations.
How to judge chemical gloves have failed
Each type of labor protection gloves has time limit for use, and the use time of chemical resistant gloves is comprehensively considered according to the specific using environment and conditions, including the type of chemical, concentration, contacting method, users` habits, usable time, and the number of maintenance. In addition, the material and strength of protective gloves will also affect glove` s life cycle period.It can be judged that work gloves are penetrated or penetrated when chemical-resistant glove is in the following situations, and the use of such gloves will be stopped.

PVC dipped gloves
Firstly, the protective glove is partially discolored, especially in fingers that exposed to chemicals, the surface of glove has undergone chemical changes and lost the protective effect.
Secondly, the glove appears to swell, that is, the glove material adsorbs solvent molecules and expands in volume;
Thirdly, the rubber surface of dipped glove has cracking when liquid penetrates into glove
Finally, glove is harden and brittleness after it is used.
Chemical resistant gloves should be disposed in time and cannot be used any more once they are failed, otherwise, they will not play protective role and cause harm to user` s body.