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The status quo and development of labor insurance industry

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Labor insurance product(work gloves) is the last defensive line for protecting safety and health of workers, now people' s awareness of safety and health has generally increased, the applying scope of labor insurance products has expanded from traditional protection of workers to the protection of public safety. From small housework to one industry, all of them need labor insurance products.
The development of labor insurance products in China has been delayed by nearly 30 years compared with foreign countries. However, labor insurance product has emerged as one kind of industry in recent years. In the past few years, a variety of factors have been combined, the domestic market and international market of labor insurance product with great potential.
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China is one country with the largest labor market in the world, the huge employment force needs a large number of labor insurance supplies every year. Moreover, Safety Production Law has made specific provisions on the using of labor protection articles. It is clearly required that production enterprises must provide labor protection articles for employees that meet national standards or industry standards, supervise & educate employees to wear and use according to regarding rules. This regulation has greatly promoted the development of labor insurance product.
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With the continuous improvement of people' s living standards and the constantly increasing of production safety awareness, the demand for labor protection products is increasing, the requirement on variety and quality of products are also getting higher and higher, which will provide unlimited development space for labor protection products industry, at the same time, it also brings new challenges.
Labor protection products are developing towards technology, lightness, comfort and multi-functionality. China' s labor protection products enterprises must improve competitiveness of themselves if they want to survive, develop, keep up with the times and not be abandoned by the market, re-distribute scattered financial resources and material resources to develop to scale and grouping. In terms of standards, product standards are close to international advanced standards and are in line with international standards, improve product quality and after-sales service, then survival and development are achieved in the competition. In technology, enterprises need to strengthen technology development, improve scientific & technological content of labor protection products, development to lightweight, comfortable and multi-function, constantly meet the needs of market and adapt to the modernization of labor protection products industry. In the management and talents, enterprises require high-quality talents. The times are advancing and science & technology are developing, people' s knowledge literacy also is constantly improving, so family-style management mode, low cultural level, laborers lacking of operational skills and managers lacking of modern management experience have been unable to keep up with the pace of times. Production operators must change their mindset, establish modern consciousness and establish management system that is compatible with modern enterprises. Secondly, it is necessary to improve cultural quality and operational skills of workers, and improve the overall quality of enterprise personnel. In production, the modernization of labor protection products will inevitably achieve mechanization and automation, adopt new technologies and new processes. At present, the workshop-style production mode and management system are unable to participate in the international market competition and develop labor protection products industry. In terms of rules, with development of economy and strengthening of state management functions, the labor protection products market is more standardized and legalized. In order to survive and develop, enterprises must organize the production, operation and sales of labor protection articles by following international practice, this is an unchangeable operational rule. In terms of consciousness, enterprises should strengthen the promotion of basic knowledge of labor protection articles, establish workers' self-protection awareness. labor insurance suppliers have market only if enterprise producers and workers have a sense of protection.