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Identify the quality of dipped protective gloves

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The first factor that affect quality of coated gloves is weight, it will be heavier naturally when it is thicker, the key point for affecting performance of dipped protective gloves is the thickness of coating, the protective performance of dipped gloves will be better with thicker coating. Secondly, the purity of coated also impact work gloves` quality, the elasticity and softness of high-purity rubber is better. While most of protective glove manufacturers are rarely used pure rubber in the production, in order to reduce cost, some auxiliary materials are mixed in production, which reduce the quality of gloves and lower the price. Many customers will ask “why your price is expensive than other manufactures for the same type of glove?” when they inquire the price,. Huanyu reminds you that you get what you pay for, there is no cheap for no reason, you must choose a large company with strength. In other words, the purity of dipped rubber has great impact on the price, so it is recommended that you should select dipped gloves carefully when buy them, but don` t try to be cheap. The raw material of coated gloves produced by Huanyu are imported from Switzerland, the quality is reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.