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TPR pet gloves

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Cute pets in the house can bring fun to families, as well as troubles. I believe that friends who have pets will encounter the same problems, hair slip everywhere at home. Body is covered with floating hair once owner hug his pet, it even will cause respiratory illness if not treat slipping hair in time. Pets are shed all year round, including cubs change hair, change seasons and change hair during estrus. The only way to control flurry is to comb floating hair periodically that has fallen off the body. 

There are many hair removal tools in the market, but you have to do "scientific mane", comfortable, healthy, and massage cycle should be in place, so the essential hair artifacts for pets should be recommended. Hair that has fallen off can be removed together when you stroke pets. Pet grooming gloves concentrate sturdy, smooth, massage, and bathing together. TPR pet gloves have soft brush teeth, which is healthy and comfortable when stroking pets.
It seems to be just glove, but don' t underestimate it, every detail reflects the fineness of this product. One side of toothed is made of thermoplastic elastomer TPR material. The TPR material is soft and slightly viscous, it can easily take away long hair and fluff that pets have taken off and will not hurt pets. Customers who used it have favorable comment on it. Put glove on your hand and fix it with wrist magic, then you can steadily smudge pets, control the strength evenly, you and your pet are comfortable.
From perspective of consumer, the glove is made of thickened fabric with fine workmanship, which can effectively prevent bite and scratch in unexpected situations. In addition to the overall design, with needs of masters as core, this pet grooming glove is also quite competitive in details. The teeth of traditional hair removal comb are sharp and easy to scratch skin, and most of combs are made of plastic material, static electricity with lightning is generated in the dry winter. This comb can be used to eliminate above problems effectively, it is believed that pet is absolutely comfortable and can’t leave you alone.
Having said so many benefits of pet grooming glove, let' s talk about TPR material, what it is? TPR, one thermoplastic elastomer material, which is also known by many people as TPE materials. It has high strength, high resilience, can be injected and processed. TPR has a wide range of applications, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, with excellent coloration. It is characteristic of soft touch, fatigue resistance. temperature resistance and excellent processing performance, no need for vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs. It not only can be second injected molding, coated with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other base materials, but also can be molded separately.
All pet brush handles are made of PP material, but PP material is hard, TPR material shows its advantages, it can be used twice on the PP handle. The TPR material is molded to make handle feel comfortable, soft and slippery. 
TPR material also is wear-resistant. Most pet toys on the market are made of TPR materials, which are wear-resistant, tear-resistant, highly transparent and light, simple in forming and bright in color. The most important is environmental friendly and non-toxic. Pet grooming glove with TPR coated has so many advantages, buy TPR pet glove to spend every good day with your pet.