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Anti-vibration Gloves

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Anti-vibration gloves are based on HPPE gloves and dipped coating, and a certain thickness of TPR material is applied to palm and back of glove to absorb vibration. In winter, the above material can be added to winter gloves to prevent vibration. It can also be used for vibrating workers, such as hammer punching or motorcycle drivers. Anti-vibration gloves are mainly used for labor protection in operation.
During work, the hand is affected by vibration for a long time, it may be damaged by vibration, resulting in arm jitter syndrome, white finger disease and other diseases. Long-term manipulation of hand-held vibration tools, such as chainsaws, rock drills, electric hammers and pneumatic picks can cause similar injuries. Hand vibrates with tools for long time will also cause damage to blood circulation system, and white finger syndrome occurs. This is especially true in wet and cold environments. Due to poor blood circulation, hands become pale and numb. If sensory nerve is hurt, hand' s sensitivity to temperature will be decreased, the touch will fail, even permanent numbness will be resulted.
The special cut-proof material of HPPE is used to provide better cut resistance. The outer layer of TPR can protect the back of hand effectively and instantly dissipate impact force, so that hand can be reduced impacting damage in the work that needs to move quickly. PU, latex and nitrile coating increase slip resistance and provide excellent grip in dry & micro-oily surface, reduce friction inside of glove, then the using life is longer. High-visibility color matching, orange three-dimensional bump design is adopted, visual effect is more obvious, and work is safer. The elastic band in wrist can be arbitrarily scheduled, making glove and wrist are more fit. Furthermore, anti-vibration glove has good dexterity and is washable. Customers should choose larger and slightly loose glove When buy anti-vibration gloves. When using anti-vibration gloves, it should be replaced in time if the palm is worn, damaged, or leaking anti-vibration material,.
HPPE+TPR shockproof gloves can be used in: mining, automotive, road construction, forestry, precision sanding, motor racing, racing driving, rock climbing and rescue.