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Difference among PVC coated glove, nitrile coated glove and latex coated glove

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There are many types of industrial gloves, common industrial gloves are generally divided into single material and composite material, which are divided according to types of materials used:
The single material refers to medical gloves, this glove also can be used as washing glove for our family, it is popular to say that the main material is made from one raw material. Other examples are usual jersey gloves and leather gloves. Compound material is one common latex gloves, its name also is called dipped glove, coated glove or rubber glove. This glove is made of cloth or yarn as liner, then liners are soaked in the liquid cement for a moment, the liquid cement is taken out and dried into rubber gloves in the oven, also including nitrile coated glove and PVC coated glove.
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Coated glove is commonly used natural latex and synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber often refers to nitrile rubber, nitrile coated gloves and latex coated gloves are named according to materials used for gloves, we could know the performance of glove according to the nature of liquid cement. Character of general nitrile dipped glove suits for oil-containing operations, such as gas stations. Latex dipped gloves are soft and wear-resistant, which have a wide range of applications. As for latex content of gloves, some latex coated gloves are very hard because of the addition of light calcium, which make gloves hard, not dexterous and comfortable. PVC dipped gloves are generally used in oilfield operations, machining industries, they are mainly oil-proof and acid-proof. In particular, some chemical-resistant gloves are made of PVC.
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Through the above, we can see that different gloves have their own special functions, they are not completely good or bad. They can be selected according to functions of gloves. In addition, nitrile dipped gloves are made of artificial rubber, while latex coated gloves are made of natural rubber, nitrile coated gloves generally do not cause human allergies, but its flexibility is not as good as latex. Latex coated gloves can cause allergies due to protein, so some people will be caused allergies when they wear latex dipped gloves. The price of PVC dipped gloves is cheap, durable and corrosion resistant, suitable for using in some special environments.
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Among them, PVC gloves also are called dipped gloves, which belong to plastic gloves. We can design a variety of dipped gloves according to specific requirements of customers.