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Hazard and protection in the production process

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During production process, some harmful substances are often exposed. The main harmful factors during production and harm to human body are as follows:
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Harmful factors mainly include chemical factors and production toxicants, such as lead, manganese, chromium, mercury, organochlorine pesticides, organophosphorus pesticides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, nitrogen oxides and so on. Exposure to or work in the environment of these poisons may cause a variety of occupational poisoning, such as mercury poisoning and benzene poisoning. Productive dust mainly includes talc dust, lead dust, wood dust, bone dust and synthetic fiber dust. Various pneumoconiosis maybe caused if work in this environment with productive dust for long time, such as asbestosis lung, coal lung, metal lung and so on.
For protective gloves, workers should use them correctly and pay attention to the following aspects. Firstly, select appropriate protective gloves according to different operations and protective requirements, do not let wrists bare wear all kinds of gloves, so as not to cause welding sparks or splash into sleeves. Insulation and sanitary protective gloves should be carefully checked before use to ensure safety, they should be cleaned in time after using, and kept safe. Insulating gloves should also be re-inspected for their withstand voltage. Operator is prohibited to use gloves to avoid accidents caused by machine wrap or pinch when operate machines and other work with risk of pinching,.
There are many types of protective equipment, among of which, protective gloves are common, but the classification of protective gloves is more complicated, including orange PVC dipped gloves, cloth gloves, cotton gloves, leather gloves and so on. It should be selected correctly according to production environment.