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Precautions for work gloves

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Whether the choice of glove is appropriate or not and correct using are directly related to the health of hands. For safety gloves with standards, people should choose protective gloves that meet standard, for gloves that have not established standards yet, people should go to professional manufacturers and stores to purchase suitable protective gloves according to the protection requirements.
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When selecting and using protective gloves, the followings should be noted:
1. Selected protective gloves with right size. The size of glove should be appropriate, it restricts blood circulation if the glove is too tight, which is easy to cause fatigue and uncomfortable. In contract, glove is inflexible and easy to fall off if it is too loose.
2. There are a wide variety of protective gloves and should be selected according to application. First of all, we must identify the object of protection clearly, and then carefully select it, so that avoid accidents when using it.
3. Insulating protective glove must be checked carefully before use, blow gas into glove, pinch, squeeze it tightly in the cuff of glove to prevent air leakage, and observe whether it will leak. If the glove is not leaking, it can be used as sanitary glove. It can still be used when the insulating glove is slightly damaged, but one pair of yarn or leather gloves should be placed on the outside of insulating gloves to ensure safety.
4. Protective gloves that made of natural rubber should not contact with acids, alkalis and oils for long time, and should be protected from sharp objects. Clean and dry it after use, sprinkle with talcum powder inside and outside of glove, keep it in a safe place, and do not suffer from pressure and heat during storage.
5. All protective gloves made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber must be uniform in color. Except for the palm of glove should be thicker, other parts should be similar in thickness and smooth on the surface (except for slip-proof glove or colloidal on the palm of glove). Air bubbles of more than 1. 5mm are allowed in the palm of glove, but slight wrinkles without cracks are allowed.
6. Beside insulation gloves must be selected according to regarding regulations, they also must be re-examined for voltage strength after one year of using, they shall not be used as insulating gloves if not qualified.