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Kevlar Dipped Gloves / Cut-Resistant Dipped Gloves

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Kevlar® fiber is an aramid product developed in 1965 by DuPont. The primary color of fiber is yellow, strong, lightweight and flexible, which is 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight. Kevlar is aramid fibre that composed of long chain of poly-parapherylene terephthalmide. Molecular chains are oriented to the direction of fibers, with strong hydrogen bonding between molecules, the phenyl overlap between strands makes fibers very strong and flexible. Kevlar fiber has planar structure that is as silky as silk. Because the ratio of carbon to oxygen in the molecule is high, the material can be flameproof, does not melt at high temperatures, it will be decomposed above 400 °C. On one hand, Kevlar fiber has higher density than water, and water molecules weaken the fiber strength, on the other hand, it improves the wetting property of surface materials made from fibers. Kevlar' s application is similar to Dyneema/Spectra, it can be made into cut-proof gloves, marine ropes, bullet-proof helmets, bulletproof vests, also can be used in canoes and deflated tires. Because Kevlar fibers are fire resistant, they can be used in fire protection for firefighters. However, Kevlar decomposes in the presence of alkali or chlorine. Kevlar gloves are suitable for use between -30 ° C and 160 ° C.
Kevlar Dipped Gloves / Cut-Resistant Dipped Gloves
Model: P
Material: Kevlar, palm dipped latex
 Cuffs: knitted wrist 
Features: Kevlar palm coated glove has good cut resistance, heat resistance, anti-slip effect and breathability. Meanwhile, it also has good cut-proof, oil-resistant, anti-slip and breathable properties. Suitable for assembly of large household appliances, assembly of metal sheets and automotive components; paper & cardboard handling and finishing of injection molded components.
Application areas: automotive manufacturing, processing of sharp metal and glass products, handling, maintenance and general industrial operations. 
Mechanical opponent's injury: Trauma damage to bones, muscles and tissues of hands due to mechanical reasons, from minor scratches and cuts to severe broken fingers and fractures. Hands will be cut if you use a tool with sharp parts, manipulate some large machines or instruments with knives. handling or using spindles, nails, screwdrivers, chisels and wires will stab hands. It can sprain, crush, or even roll off fingers when a hand is caught in a machine,.
Kevlar knit gloves with latex palm coated has strong grip on dry materials, suitable for fireproof panels, glass, wood, metal products and alloy
Kevlar knitted gloves with nitrile palm coating can be washed by machine, suitable for casting, oil-filled iron, glass, wood, metal assembly and mechanical repairing.