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Good performance of coated gloves

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As we know that there are many types of protective gloves, but many people may not understand the coated gloves. Yarn-coated gloves mainly are made of polyurethane with special treated that completely covers the palm of hands, which provide good anti-slip properties and prevent sweat & particulate contamination of human palm. The conductive resin is added to the coating to make antistatic effect very good, so that operator can avoid to touch with electrostatic sensitive component directly and can safely discharge the static charge of human body. It also has good slip resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent breathability, can be washed with water. In addition, the yarn-coated rubber gloves also have acid & alkali resistance, which can effectively prevent slipping, thereby avoiding slipping when picking up articles and not leaving fingerprints.
Dipped work gloves need to meet the relevant industry standards to ensure the safety of hands in the working process, in fact, all gloves need to undergo strict quality testing before deliver from factory, the specific test items including cut resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance and so on, cut resistance is times of knife cutting that gloves can bear, namely how many times glove can withstand damage. The puncture resistance is determined by the length of the calibration, how much force is required for nail to pierce the palm of glove, so that the using range of gloves can be obtained. The firmness is expressed by the amount of force required to tear the pre-cut slit in the glove material, gloves can be assured the using scope and the maximum limit can be withstood through some testing data, then convenient staff to use. In general, there are two parts of glove that are most likely to wear, namely part of hand between the thumb and the index finger, and the fingertip. Workers on construction sites most often carry bricks, shovel and building materials. The movement of hands are mostly gripping, so the part of hand between the thumb and the index finger is wear seriously, fingertips contact surface of objects frequently, therefore the abrasion also is very serious. In order to extend the service life of labor coated gloves, it is necessary to make improvement in these two aspects. The using scope safety gloves also is being expanded, mainly applied in construction, industrial, mining, metal, glass, hardware, machinery and other fields.
Some people only know use labor insurance dipping gloves, but neglect to store and protect them, that is not right. when there is a lot of chemical residue on gloves, it should be cleaned with proper solvent, but you can' t use oily solvens.15035160526. Rubber palm dipped gloves should be fully dried after washed, do not use heat to dry gloves if manufacturer does not prompt to do like that, otherwise gloves will age quickly. Moreover, coated work gloves should be placed in environment of dry, protect from light and constant temperature to avoid direct sunlight, avoid pressed & folded by heavy objects. We need to pay attention to the using and storage of labor dipping gloves, which in turn make them more durable.
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