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Advantages and disadvantages of extended cuff of dipped gloves

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There are many wrist cuffs of dipped gloves made in Japan are lengthened. Most of knitted dipped gloves with long cuff, like famous Japanese glove manufacturers SHOWA and TOWA. Some domestically produced gloves also occasionally have this phenomenon. The lengthening of cuff is not only extend length of glove, but more important is to shorten the length of back palm, namely the distance from the part of hand between thumb and index finger to the cuff. Why they lengthen cuffs of gloves? I think there are two main purposes:
First is to make glove fit palm better. Since the physiological structure of human palm is up wide and down narrow, while the palm width of liner of dipped glove is the same, which is determined by knitting principle of knitting glove machine and can not be changed. Therefore, when glove liner is dipped on the hand mold, the back palm of glove is too loose compare to the back palm of hand, the palm of hand can not be well fitted. But when we shorten the length of cuff and shorten the length of back palm, this problem can be solved very well. Because there is an elastic rubber band inside the cuff, the rubber band will contract palm when back palm of glove is too loose,.
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Secondly, extending the length of cuff and shortening the length of back palm can better prevent glove from slipping off hand. Because the elasticity of rubber band in the cuff can make glove attach to hands better. Especially adhesion is improved when the length of cuff is lengthened,. More importantly, since the back palm is relatively wide compare to wrist, it can greatly improve the adhesion of glove when wrist is covered with elasticized cuffs.
Extended cuff improves the feeling of hands to glove and reduces shedding of orange pvc gloves, but every advantage has its disadvantage. This practice sometimes brings some problems to orange pvc gloves:
Problem 1: The part between the thumb and index is too tight and comfort is reduced. After the shortening of the back palm, the buffering of tensile force on the part between thumb and index is reduced, resulting in excessive compression of force. However, if you look at work gloves produced by SHOWA, although cuffs are lengthen and palms are shortened, there is no over-tightening of part between thumb and index. The reason is that they have twice widened the part between thumb and index. Therefore, when using this method, manufacturers must firstly consider whether it will cause the declining of comfort of work gloves. Lose more than gain if you sacrifice the comfort of gloves.
Problem 2: Lead to rising costs. To lengthen cuff means to increase the amount of elastic thread. The price of rubber band is relatively high, so the cost will increase more. Manufactures should consider whether customers will accept the increased cost. Glove manufacturers also should consider if strengthen cuff will bring real value to consumers.
Problem 3: The proportion of gloves is out of balance. The length of glove` s finger and palm is shortened relative to the length of cuff when the length of glove` s cuff is greatly extended, resulting in an imbalance in the appearance of glove, and it seems that the coordination is lowered. This is a matter of benevolent seeing the wise and seeing wisdom, some people think that is another beauty. However, the popularity of SHOWA' s gloves on abroad indicates that consumers are not very concerned about this aspect, and perhaps practicality is more important.