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The importance of wearing dipped gloves

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It is very important to keep flexibility of fingers in cold weather, because most of work is done by human fingers. When fingers are numb, you only can depend on visual observation to determine the placement of object, this method can partially compensate, but the effect is poor. Therefore, hands must be kept warm, the dipped glove manufacturer reminds you to wear orange PVC gloves for winter.
orange PVC dipped gloves
PVC dipped gloves are used to protect hands during work, which will affect the operation of hands, the work efficiency will further decrease because of the addition of low temperature environment. When insulation performance of glove is insufficient, the skin temperature of hand will gradually decrease. According to reports, the skill activity of hand will decrease when the temperature of finger skin drops to about 15qc~20qc. When skin temperature drops below 8qc, the sensitivity of hand will be seriously weakened and accident rate will increase. Hand' s fine working ability is almost completely lost when finger skin temperature is lower than 4.4qc. In view of the close relationship between finger skin temperature and numbness, the finger skin temperature can be used as original parameter of sensory sensitivity to estimate the fine working efficiency of hands. When the skin temperature of fingers is high, there is no significant change in the manual work ability, so people generally set 15~ 20qc as the minimum limitation of finger skin temperature that manual work efficiency is not affected.
The above is to show that you must wear enough PVC gloves for winterto ensure work efficiency and quality when temperature is low.