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Talking about the importance of safety gloves in the auto repairing industry

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Generally, The auto repairing industry is known as the automotive aftermarket. The volume of auto repairing workers has increased with rapid development and growing of automotive industry, the corresponding health problems have also been paid more and more attention. Wearing safety gloves can play a good role in protecting auto mechanic. 
auto repairing industry
1. Reduce the chance of cuts and stab wounds
Screws and sharp instruments under the hood of car can easily puncture skin of hands. Hands maybe infected tetanus and cause complications if oil gets into the wound. Thickened safety gloves protect cars from some of damage and not expose skin to complex environment. Use  to protect workers' hands if necessary, preferably five-level cut-resistant gloves .
cut-resistant gloves
2, Block oil and chemical reagents
Auto mechanics often come into contact with solvents that are harmful to health, such as nitrite in coolant, lead in gasoline, gasoline, paint, putty, brake fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and so on. Benzene and other mixed solvents that contained in these organic solvents are internationally recognized carcinogen. If exposure hand to harmful liquid for long-term, it will be rough, difficult to clean. Nerve damage, physical weakness and severe paralysis can be caused if harmful liquids are absorbed by humans. If the oil gets into skin and is not cleaned up in time, it will cause dermatitis and even cause skin rash or skin tumor. Gasoline invades skin, dissolves in fat, and then enters blood circulation of human body, causing poisoning.Use cut-resistant gloves to protect workers' hands if necessary, preferably five-stage cut-resistant gloves, as nitrile coated cotton gloves.
 nitrile coated cotton gloves
3, Enhance the grip
Car parts contain some small nuts that are inconvenient to handle. The anti-slip design of crinkle safety gloves reduces the probability of getting out of small parts.