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The protective performance of safety gloves is lowered under certain circumstance

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Protective dipped work gloves can resist external risks and create a “healthy, hygienic and safe” working environment. However, its protection is not absolute. Its protective performance will be reduced when it is subject to some external interference. The dipped gloves manufacturer introduces following situations:
1. Gloves are exposed to the air for long time and appear to be aging. Compared with unaged gloves, the aging glove has significantly reduction in puncture and tear resistance under the same using condition, and thus can not play a good protective role.
2. In case of improper storage, such as latex coated gloves are exposed to corrosive chemical agents before use. Users should check the integrity of glove before wearing gloves. It must be discarded and replaced with new gloves if breaks.
3. In high temperature environment, the penetration of gloves will be accelerated and protection performance will be reduced. Permeability is generally can be measured at room temperature. When work gloves are used under excessive temperature condition, its penetration will be accelerated and chemical resistance will be reduced greatly.