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PVC dipped gloves have some characteristics

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PVC dipped gloves have excellent quality, green and environmentally friendly. This product uses special 13-pin high-quality nylon yarn as liner. The PVC coating is made of 100% paste resin 737 of Swedish and other imported raw materials. With scientific formulation, the specific line of PVC dipped gloves is made by fully vulcanized precision. Rubber surface is even and translucent, soft to touch, comfortable to wear and without odor, no toxic side effect on human body and environmentally friendly. PVC gloves are wear-resistant and anti-cutting. They have super wear-resistant properties and good cutting resistance. They are the strongest and most durable ones in dipped gloves, which can greatly reduce the cost of safety gloves for consumers and economic.   
PVC dipped gloves
PVC coated gloves are resistant to oil and anti-penetration. They have excellent oil resistance to resist various oils and greases. At the same time, they have good anti-penetration. The oil resistance of PVC is more stronger than ordinary nitrile gloves, which are especially suitable for working in oily environment.
PVC dipped gloves are resistant to acids and alkalis, have good acid & alkali resistance, which can resistant to attack of various strong acids, alkalis and general chemicals. Their acid & alkali resistance is superior to ordinary nitrile gloves and suitable for working in chemical environment to  contact with acid and alkali..
PVC coated gloves are resistant to high and low temperature. PVC dipped gloves possess of excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. They are not melted to +138 degrees, and are not hard at -38 degrees. They can be used in various harsh environments.
PVC dipped gloves are widely used in a variety of harsh environment with low temperature, chemical environments, and general working environments.