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What are functions and application of dipped gloves?? What are the precautions?

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1.Functional characteristics of dip gloves:
Dipped gloves are generally lined with pure cotton, and as outer layer, with excellent wear resistance, water resistance, moisture absorption and ventilation, service life is long. Gloves are stereotyped by using curved fingers, which have advantages of convenient operation and labor saving. Furthermore, PVC dipped gloves possess of good oil resistance, it can be used in gasoline, special kerosene and 32# mechanical oil. It has good acid & alkali resistance and can be used in sulfuric acid below 45%, nitric acid below 35% and hydrochloric acid below 30%. It also can be used in soda ash operations below 35%. PVC dipped gloves have anti-poisoning properties, suitable for contacting with pesticides, fertilizers and general toxic substances.
 PVC plastic dipped gloves
2.Use of dip gloves:
Dip gloves are suitable for general labor protection because of their characteristics, also can be applied for chemical, mechanical, electroplating, painting, aquaculture processing, water using and other aspects within the scope of performance.
3.Precautions for the using of plastic dipped gloves:
Gloves can not be used in organic solvents, such as ketones, lipids, ethers, benzenes, and aromatic solvents. They should not be used as insulating gloves. Do not use them in solvents with excessively high temperature to prevent discoloration. In addition, don` t use them in high temperature fire to avoid puncture and aging. Finally, please check work gloves before use to avoid accidents injury hands; wash  with water and dry after use.