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The difference between latex wrinkle gloves and latex foam gloves

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In general, the rubber surface of latex wrinkle work gloves is formed natural grain after specially treatment, so that achieve anti-slip effect, this process is called wrinkle. Depending on different types of yarns, latex wrinkle coated gloves are divided into several types, there are 13 gauge polyester/nylon latex crinkle glove, 10 gauge 2 thread crinkle gloves, and 10 gauge 5 thread crinkle gloves. It is believed that most vendors who deal in this product should familiar with these products. 
Latex foam gloves
However, latex foam glove is different from latex wrinkle glove completely. The rubberized surface of latex foam glove is like delicate sponge, compared with latex wrinkled glove, its rubber surface is softer and more delicate. Another difference from crinkle gloves is that the foamed glove not only have breathability in glove liner, but also have good air permeability in the rubber surface. The palm can be kept flexible, breathable, dry and refreshed during using, thus improve the sweltering and sweating of palm.
latex wrinkle gloves
Everything has two sides, there is nothing perfect, the same as latex foam gloves. After natural latex is foamed, the integrity of rubber surface is destroyed, which improve the comfort but reduce the wear resistance. The latex foam glove is not very suitable when it comes to heavy labor, it is more suitable for using in light work environments like housekeeping services.