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Cognize Dipped Gloves

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Dipped gloves also is called coated gloves, it is one type of  work glove is soaked in vulcanized rubber with glove mold and then are dried in the oven. This production process is called dipping gloves. It also is called rubber glove. 
Using of gloves
1. Ordinary dipped gloves are usually used in mechanical manufacturing, electric welding repair, road construction, mining, construction, coal mines, agricultural and forestry, also can be worn during transportation.
2. In addition to special food gloves and washing gloves, names of medical gloves, acid & alkali resistant gloves and oil resistant gloves also display their effect directly, 
Dipped Gloves
Glove size: The size of glove is generally based on the length. The length refers to the tip of the glove to the cuff of the glove. It is generally range from 210mm to 480mm, the common length is 260mm.
Glove Specifications: gloves are divided into single gloves and compound gloves:
1 Single glove means the main raw material of glove is synthetic rubber and natural rubber  .
2. Compound glove refers to glove are made of raw material and inner lining. The inner lining usually is 13 gauge polyester/nylon and 10 gauge knitted cotton.
Glove material: gloves are made of natural latex, synthetic rubber and inner lining. There have differences between 100% cotton and polyester cotton, the price of 100% cotton is higher than polyester cotton.
Rubber content of glovers: rubber content is the main deciding factor for price and quality of gloves. Generally, the purer of rubber, the more wear-resistant and durable of gloves.
Glove quality: the good quality of work gloves are mainly reflected on 3 aspects: 
1. No degumming 
2 Soft and comfortable to wear 
3 Wear-resistant and durable