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Reasons for the development of industrial protective gloves

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Protective gloves include cut-proof gloves, protective leather gloves, acid-proof gloves and other type, which are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, standards used in the production of protective gloves are mostly enterprise standards and industry standards, but national standards are relatively few. The deepening of reform & opening up and rapid development of economic construction have promoted the rapid development of China' s protective gloves industry:
acid-proof gloves
Firstly, the state has strengthened supervision and management of safety production, vigorously organized standard formulation, for example, AQ6101-2007 "Oil-resistant rubber gloves", AQ6102-2007 "acid (alkali)-resistant  gloves", AQ6103-2007 "welder protective gloves" and GB24541-2009 “hand protection machinery hazard protective gloves”. A series of protective gloves standards have been promulgated and implemented, which promote the standardized development of China' s safety gloves industry, and also gradually bring of people-oriented, caring life and health concepts into the hearts of the people.
Protective gloves
Secondly, foreign protective gloves manufacturers have entered Chinese market, bringing a wide range of protective products with excellent performance, broadening horizons of Chinese people, promoting the upgrading of work gloves and the development of new products in China.
Thirdly, the rising of China' s high-tech industry has put forward new requirements on hand protection, which promote the research and development of new protective gloves.
Fourth, new materials represented by aramid and high-strength polyethylene have been applied in China' s protective gloves industry, marking protective gloves entry into the era of high strength, high modulus and high performance.
Fifth, since the beginning of the 21st century, especially in recent years, international and domestic instability has increased, anti-terrorism struggles, infectious diseases, floods & droughts, earthquake, geological landslide, mudslide, hurricanes, snow and ice disaster occur frequently. In disaster relief, it is gradually recognized that it is very important and necessary to equip with personal protective equipment scientifically to ensure the health and safety of frontline workers, especially hand protection equipment,.
anti-vibration gloves
Finally, a number of new enterprises that develop and produce protective gloves have emerged in China. These enterprises have constantly introducing new varieties of safety gloves by combining with market demand closely, and focusing on enhancing market' s urgently need of anti-cutting & wearing-resistant gloves, high-temperature resistant gloves, anti-static gloves and anti-vibration gloves. They actively to research & introduce international standards and foreign advanced standards to improve the performance of new protective gloves continuously.