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PU anti-static gloves - your better choice

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In general industrial production, anti-static work glove is made of polyester and conductive fiber, many people know that its anti-static function is good, so many companies have chosen to purchase this kind of anti-static protective glove that made of polyester and conductive fiber, but people who used it also have experienced many shortcomings of this anti-static gloves, such as: the using life is relatively short, the cleaning can not exceed 100 times, and fitting effect with hands is not good enough, it is easy to fall off when glove is used, which affect anti-static effect and increase replacement frequency.
In order to help companies save the cost for replacing anti-static gloves frequently, HUANYU anti-static manufacturer recommends a very unusual anti-static glove, which is called PU carbon fiber glove. The anti-static effect of this glove is very good, it is anti-pollution, anti-slip, heat-insulating, wear-resistant, easy to absorb sweat, good air permeability, and extremely flexible, fit hands and comfortable to wear. If you feel really unusual that it has so many advantages? In fact, PU carbon fiber anti-static glove is not only so simple, it also can resist weak acid and weak alkali. Goods can be caught firmly by personnel to avoid slipping because of good anti-skid effect of PU carbon fiber anti-static glove, will not leave fingerprints or other traces, flexible operation after wearing, suitable for fine work, which can improve production efficiency. The design of PU carbon fiber glove produced by HUANYU is more user-friendly, the semi-circular shape fits fingers, which can alleviate the pressure of products during operation and cope with workers' long-term operation better. HUANYU guarantees that our PU carbon fiber anti-static gloves are not fall hair, not degumming and can be cleaned frequently. There are two kinds of PU carbon fiber anti-static gloves produced by HUANYU, one is palm coated and the other is finger coated. It is manufactured by machine weaving to weave 80% of dust-free nylon yarn and carbon fiber conductive yarn.
Although the price of PU carbon fiber gloves are slightly more expensive than ordinary anti-static gloves, their service life and effect is are much better than ordinary anti-static gloves, so companies should look farther to create value !
PU anti-static gloves