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How to judge that chemical resistant gloves have failed

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Each type of safety glove has time limitation for using, the using time of chemical resistant glove is comprehensively considered according to the specific use environment and using status, including the type of chemical, concentration, contact method, user' s using habits, using time and the number of maintenance. In addition, the material and strength of safety gloves will also affect glove` s using time. It can be judged that chemical-resistant gloves are penetrated or penetrated when the following situations occur, and people must stop using them.
First, protective gloves are partially discolored, especially in the position of fingers that exposed to chemicals, the surface of glove has undergone chemical change and lose protective effect.
Second, the work glove appears swelling, namely glove material adsorbs solvent molecules and expands in volume.
Third, the surface of dipped glove has cracking, and the liquid penetrates into glove while working.
Fourth, gloves are obviously hard and brittle after they are used.Chemical resistant gloves should be disposed of in time once they have failed and can not be used any more. Otherwise, they will not play a protective role and even cause harm to user' s hands and body.
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