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Problems to be aware of when wearing safety gloves

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In our daily life, safety gloves are not stranger any more, but do you know what problems you need to pay attention to when wearing safety gloves? Shandong work gloves manufacturers summarize the following for you:
1. The size of the safety gloves. The size of glove should be appropriate, it restricts blood circulation If glove is too tight, which is easy to cause fatigue and uncomfortable. Otherwise, it is inflexible and easy to fall off if it is too loose.
2. The service life of safety gloves. The protective gloves you choose need to have adequate protection, in order to ensure their protective function, gloves need to be replaced regularly. It may cause injury to your hands or skin if exceeds its expiration date.
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3, The damage inspection of safety gloves. You need to check if protective gloves have small holes, broken or abrasive places, especially the finger joints. Inflation method can be used for inspection for chemical resistant gloves.
4. Apply in appropriate occasions. You need to pay attention to the using occasion of safety gloves, the service life of work gloves maybe reduce greatly if they are used in improper places, in contrast, its service life will be extend greatly if used properly.
5. Place after used. You should pay attention to safety during the use of work gloves. Do not throw any contaminated safety gloves at abandon, so as to avoid causing harm to others. Protective gloves that are not used temporarily need to be placed in a safe place.
6. Use correct method to pick up protective gloves to prevent harmful substances on protective gloves from coming into contact with skin and clothing, to avoid secondary pollution.
7. Do not share the use. It is best not to share safety gloves with others. Because the inside of safety gloves is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, sharing safety gloves is prone to cross infection.