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Long one-piece PVC dip gloves, the technical revolution in the glove industry

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 PVC coated gloves are used by many workers because of their oil resistance and durability, especially in some special environments, PVC dipped gloves must be used. Some marine fishing operations require longer styles, but the longer gloves, the more complex processing technology and the higher production cost, especially for PVC dipped gloves, the conventional styles of gloves are less than 45cm in length, and longer gloves require sewing raincoat sleeve, let PVC gloves and raincoat sleeves be joined by heat. However, the durability of gloves is general, especially in cold environments, they are easy to open.
long-integrated PVC dipped glove
Huanyu has developed long-integrated PVC dipped glove without seams, which can reach 60cm, 65cm and 70cm. Gloves are durable and reliable, completely integrated dipping treatment is perfect replacement for sleeve glove.
VC oil resistant gloves
Huanyu produces PVC dipped gloves, conventional styles are PVC oil resistant gloves, PVC non-slip gloves, PVC wear-resistant gloves, PVC cold-proof gloves and PVC household gloves, the length ranges from 27 cm to 45cm. . Since 2017, the factory has developed extended PVC coated gloves that can reach 60cm, 65cm and 70cm in length. The appearance of this kind of lengthened gloves made up for the vacancy of corresponding gloves demand in the market, which is highly praised by customers.