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General knowledge of the using of work gloves

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Work gloves have function of protecting hands and arms, gloves used in work by workers are called hand protection products, which are also usually called safety gloves or protective gloves.
Hand protection products are divided into 12 categories according to protective function, namely general protective gloves, cold resistant gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-cutting gloves, anti-static gloves, high temperature gloves, anti-vibration gloves, waterproof gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, acid & Alkali resistant gloves, oil-proof gloves and insulated gloves. Each type of glove can be divided into many models according to the material. Common sense of using of work gloves are as follows:
cold resistant gloves
1.First of all, we should learn about protective effect and using requirements of different types of gloves, and choose working gloves correctly, can not use them at random in different working environments. For example, he effect is very poor if cotton gloves and chemical fiber gloves are used as anti-vibration gloves.
2.Before use insulated gloves, we should check their appearance, stop using them if holes and cracks are found on the surface. Insulation gloves need to be kept in accordance with the relevant regulations after they are used, to prevent insulation performance from degrading due to aging. Furthermore, it should be re-examined after used for a period of time, can only be used after passing the test. Pay attention to product classification color standard when using, such as 1kV gloves are red, 7.5kV gloves are white, and 17kV gloves are yellow.
(3) It is not secure enough to wear anti-vibration gloves when working with a vibration tool. You should arrange a certain time of rest, with the increasing of vibration frequency, you can extend the rest time accordingly. For various of vibration tools, it is better measure the vibration acceleration, so that select suitable anti-vibration gloves for the best protection.
(4) When using protective gloves, all gloves should be of appropriate size to prevent fingers from being twisted or wound by machine and causing hands injuries because of too long or too short.
(5) Anti-vibration gloves can be used when operating high-speed rotary machines. Oil-proof gloves should be used for certain equipment maintenance and oiling operations to avoid hurt of oil to hands.
 Anti-vibration gloves
(6) Different types of gloves have their specific performance and using. In actual work, they must be used properly and distinguished according to working conditions to protect hands safety.