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Advantages and disadvantages of various chemical protective gloves

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Anti-chemical protective gloves provide lots of protection for staff when producing chemical materials. Under normal circumstances, work gloves manufacturers produce the following protective gloves.
(1) Nitrile. It has good protection against chemicals, oils, petrochemicals, lubricants and various solvents, but it will swell in some solvents, affecting its physical properties and reducing its protective function.
Nitrile Anti-chemical gloves
(2) Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC). It has protective effect on a large number of water-soluble chemicals, such as acids and bases, but it can not protect organic substances, such as solvents, because many solvents will dissolve plasticizers, which will not only cause pollution, but also reduce the barrier function of gloves greatly.
PVC Anti-chemical gloves
(3) Neoprene. Its comfort is almost the same as comfort of natural latex rubber. It has good protection against petrochemical products and lubricants, it can resist ozone and ultraviolet rays, and it also has strong anti-aging properties.
Fluororubber Anti-chemical gloves
(4) Fluororubber. Fluorinated polymer, similar to Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), has low surface activation energy, so droplets do not stay on the surface, which can prevent chemical infiltration and has good protective effect on chlorinated solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons.
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