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Work gloves must be worn on a regular basis

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In the first-line team, the using of labor protection products is not standardized. For example, hoisting workers do not wear thickened gloves that are distributed by this type of work, workers wear glasses at random when do rust cleaning, the seat belts are loose and so on. The security officer will correct it in time after discovery, but it will not be long before non-standardization phenomenon "reproduce" again. Why this phenomenon repeated? the main reason is that everyone feels that it is harmless, and will not cause any safety accident, so take it lightly. Is it really "innocuous"?
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The application of protective equipment for each type of work is different because of the different of work nature. Take glove as example, there are several types. Slingers deal with hoisting wire rope all day, in order to prevent wire rope from hurting hands, they are allotted with thickened canvas gloves, and thick leather is attached to fingers and palms to protect hands. Crane operator' s thin cotton gauze gloves are breathable and sweat-absorbent, ensuring that fingers are flexible when operating machines, so that they do not “slip” due to sweating of hands. Mechanical operator' s anti-cutting gloves can prevent scratches, cuts and other injuries from metal products during operation. The welder uses long leather gloves to prevent welding slag from scalding the arm. Industries that exposed to oil & chemical raw materials frequently wear oil-resistant gloves, they can avoid the erosion of liquids and prevent slipping. Electrician uses rubber-coated gloves, which has good insulation performance and prevents sweating hands to touch electrical appliances and cause accidents. Dipped gloves for construction workers, which is waterproof, slippery, wear-resistant and can prevent hand from wearing during work
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However, these gloves with "special function" are often used confused by people. Some of them are lazy and trouble-free, simply don't wear them; or they "play" with one pair of gloves when work. There is also a intention to "mix and match" for "comfortable", the slinger dislikes his gloves too thick, heavy and uncomfortable, so wear thin glove of operator, to be smashed by thin wire on the wire rope with a little careless. Summer is "peak period" for electric welders not wear gloves correctly, they say that special gloves are not breathable, and hands are throwing out the "scorpion". While winter operator treats heavy-duty gloves as "treasure", but not use special cold-proof thickening terry gloves, hands are warm, but it is not flexible when pull lever, which is easy to operate by mistake and cause safety accidents.