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How does work gloves “evolve”? How is its development history?

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We are wearing gloves for warmth in the winter and for sunscreen in the summer. Different gloves are also used in various fields. Do you know the development history of glove? Glove is a very special thing, its production was not for practicality at beginning. it became one necessity for cold areas only in modern times, also became medical anti-bacteria and industrial protective equipment.
PVC caoted work  gloves
First of all, let's take a look at the history of gloves. It appeared for the first time in the "Homer's Epic" of 6th century BC, ancient Greeks wore special gloves before eating, the practical function of gloves it the same as the function of chopstick used by Chinese. Therefore, gloves used to be a dining pilling tool in history. Since the 13th century, gloves wearing as decoration have become popular among women in Europe. During this period, male nobles also popularly wear decorative gloves. The European religious community gave new functions after received gloves. The clergymen wear white gloves to indicate authority, holiness and piety. White gloves must be worn for religious rituals of some denominations. After the nineteenth century, white gloves were accepted by the kings, noble knights and military personnel, giving it new meanings. Today, gloves are appointed to use by all walks of life, government, military ceremonies and other widely.
Safety work gloves are required to be thicker, some are treated with surface-coating to improve wear resistance, slip resistance and water resistance. Decorative gloves are required to be beautiful, most of them are processed by embroidery and beading. The classification of safety gloves is as follows:
 1. Insulating gloves for live working
 2. Acid & alkali- resistant gloves
 3. Oil- resistant gloves
 4. Welder gloves
 5. Anti-vibration gloves
 6. Fire-resistant flame retardant gloves
 7. Anti-static gloves
 8, leather gloves 
Work glove is one kind of gloves, mainly because its role is more specialized, so the development of gloves can be seen as the early growth process of work gloves. As people pay more and more attention to labor safety, the work glove industry also develops accordingly, work glove will gradually mature on the basis of glove industry!