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How to choose protective gloves?

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We all know that work glove is one tool used to maintain the safety of our hands. Different types of work gloves have special protective function that are not available in general gloves. Various of protective gloves are used in different working environment because of their different functions. We will use it in different situations because of its special features.
Firstly, used in production workshop specially - oil-resistant protective gloves
These gloves are made of latex, nitrile, chloroprene or polyurethane, most European and American companies do not choose to use latex gloves because of the sensitization of latex. The purpose of oil-resistant protective gloves is to maintain the skin of hands to avoid various of allergic symptoms caused by oil and fat, such as itchy skin, acute dermatitis, hemorrhoids, folliculitis, dry skin, breaks, calming of human pigments and nail damage.
Secondly, used in chemical industries - acid & alkali resistant gloves
This kind of protection gloves is to avoid the damage of chemical to hands, such as acid and alkali, and the quality should be in line with relevant regulations of national industrial safety production. It is worth noting that the acid & alkali-resistant protective gloves are not allowed to have the disadvantages of blooming, brittleness, stickiness and breakage. Acid & alkali-resistant protection gloves are required to be without leakage. The non-leakage of glove means that it must be airtight and there is no possibility of air leakage under certain pressure,.
According to raw material, this type of glove can be classified into nitrile acid & alkali resistant gloves, latex acid & alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid & alkali resistant gloves, and plastic acid & alkali resistant gloves, waterproof gloves and anti-virus gloves can also be replaced by acid & alkali resistant  safety gloves.
Thirdly, resist to ultra-high temperature - welder protective gloves
Protective gloves for welders are personal protective equipment that protect hands against high temperature welding, melting, refining metals, or baking hands. It is usually made of two-layer animal leather, such as cow and pig leather, there are also gloves that made of semi-manual materials or full artificial materials. According to the demand of different operation types, they can be divided into two-finger, three-finger and five-finger.
High-temperature resistant gloves have stringent appearance requirements. The first grade glove is required the leather to be even and thick, full, soft and elastic, the leather surface is fine, uniform, firm, color is shallow and common, without greasy feeling. While the leather body of second-class glove lacks full elasticity, the leather surface is rough and color is slightly shaded.